the notebooks were more of a comfort object, which I mostly used for things I might need to refer to that were too important to leave to memory.

I wrote without dwelling on the words or trying to edit. If I decided that what came out of my brain was too terrible to be recorded, I could set the page on fire - after I had seen what was on it for myself.


"Alice," I said, talking over her, "can I ask you something?" Her eyes got very wide. She stared at me. She appeared to be desperately wondering if there was a polite way to say "no, you may not" and coming up blank. Finally she nodded once.

"I accept

"I, um, register a general approval of knowing things rather than not, and of safety,"

Soonish. Incongruous sort of word to attach to the timing of my impending vampirization.

Yes, yes, shallowness ahoy, but it mattered more to be correct than to pretend myself deep.

The door opened, and in meandered Edward, looking oddly long-suffering. "You are the most persuasive creature on Earth," he murmured.

There was no protocol in her memory for what to do when a vampire took her out for lobster.

"Fine by me," I said. "What does Eleazar do?" "He's got a meta-power, like yours. He can tell what somebody does without having to ask them or watch them do it," explained Kate. "Maybe he can tell us why Harry here thinks you're "wrong"."