What I'm Doing Now

July 24, 2022
Confidence: certain

(This is a now page.)

One week into being back in Vancouver. It's been relatively uneventful, just trying to bootstrap a social circle and reconnect with old friends from every era of my life. I had a few activities on the town lined up, but they fell through to being phlegmy and sick. Oh well. There's always next week.

My primary focus this week, in actuality if not intention, has been working on my new search engine. The claim: Google is great for navigating through everyday life, but significantly worse at doing research or garnering opinions on things. Unfortunately, we don't (yet) have a better tool for doing such activities, and, worse, Google used to be the tool for those things. Google has changed, but mindsets haven't yet.

So that's been an experience. I was pretty sure the whole project would take a few hours of programming plus a few days of scraping the web. Classic planning fallacy; I'm now a week into the project, but it's looking great and reliably finds interesting results --- this is probably an artifact of seeding the spider with websites that I personally like and want to find more things like. But hey, what are you going to do? You need to start somewhere, and my taste is as good as anyone's.

Otherwise life is just spent in the last little bit of limbo. Erin and I are off to see our parents in a few days, and then have two weeks to kill before we get to move into our new place. It feels a bit hard to set too much life infrastructure up in the meantime; we have lots of stuff, but no access to it. And we have lots of amenities at our current place, but won't have access to it when we move into our permanent location. So it's a lot of "what can we get done while we wait?" to which the answer isn't much. That's ok; life's been in limbo for nearly three years now, what's another couple of weeks?

But man am I excited to get settled in properly. It's been a long time coming.