What I'm Doing Now

April 24, 2023
Confidence: certain

(This is a now page.)

It's been an exciting few months since my last "now" update.

I went to Berlin for Bobkonf and gave a talk that people seemed to really like! That was nice but I came down with the 'vid symptoms on the plane ride there, which made the week a bit more aggressive than I was hoping.

Grad school is in fact a go! I decided to go with Ron Garcia at UBC, which begins in September and it comes with a group of uber CS nerds to hang out with. MY GOD that sounds lovely.

In other news, the book is coming along. The theme has gelled, and now I just need to put in the time to polish out all the prose. I'm trying really hard to get a first draft out by the end of April, which is a stretch, but certainly possible. But I don't have the weekend to work on it, because I'll be doing Ludum Dare 53.