Review of Ideas

Peter Watson
Rating: 3/5

I'm giving up on this after about 50%. While it's a fascinating read, it's _fucking_ long, and the title is a lie. A better title would be "Way More About Christianity Than You Could Ever Possibly Want To Know," but I'll grant that his is catchier.

The good points: this dude has done his research, and somehow makes things interesting that I couldn't have given fewer shits about.

The bad points: SO GODDAMN LONG. Four(?) looooong chapters on early Christians, and then two paragraphs about the origins of mathematics. The ebook has no internal structure, so you can't even skip chapters you don't care about. Watson doesn't know the difference between hyphens and dashes, which I never realized was important until this book---it caused a lot of re-parsing on my part. Desperately needs an editor.

If you're curious in the social fabric of the history of the world, you could do worse than this book. I wasn't, so I couldn't.