The Tesseract

Alex Garland

Amazing, to be able to cope with atomic fallout so well and a shoe heel so badly.

“I suppose you thought that at this time of night the traffic would be light.” “I did, sir.” “But, eeeeh, now you can see that actually the traffic is quite heavy.”

Extraordinary to live in a country that teemed with carefully considered messages, brightly emblazoned on huge plastic strips, that almost nobody ever bothered to read. Maybe this was why the owner of My Secret Lover felt so confident about letting his secret out.

“Don’t be smart. It isn’t clever to be smart.”

“That’s the way it is.” This is the way it is, Cente.

“When you say, ‘I just thought of something,’ what you mean is, ‘I just stopped thinking of something.’ You’ve been having the thought for a while, turning it over in your mind, developing it, without realizing you were doing so.