What I'm Doing Now

February 28, 2020
Confidence: certain

(This is a now page.)

After a great few months mostly stationary on Koh Lanta, I find myself on the move and ready to find a more permanent place. My best friend and I have booked an apartment in the (hopefully) lovely Victoria, BC for April 4th, and so I've got a few weeks to kill.

I accidentally ended up in Chiang Mai --- historically one of my favorite places on this big blue planet. The people here feel like they got fed up with society elsewhere, and came here to build the life they want to exist. It's inspiring and beautiful. And I have yet to meet those people again this time around, but I'm sure it will happen.

And if it doesn't, well, it is a big blue world.

An old Nanowrimo project I wrote a few years back unexpectedly went viral last week, and so a good chunk of my time has been dealing with that. I wasn't prepared for a huge influx of traffic, but I'd like to be, next time. It wouldn't have been a hard thing to monetize.

But instead it's given me a lot of inspiration. So many people said so many kind things about it that it seems a shame to not eventually publish. Thus, the plan is to go back, finish, and publish How These Things Work, four years after the fact. I have another book to complete first, but for the first time in... forever, I have an idea of what to do next. It's glorious.