What I'm Doing Now

February 25, 2019
Confidence: certain

(This is a now page.)

I'm in San Francisco! It's weird to be back---when I left I hated this city, and now that I'm back I kind of like it. Proceeding with caution, though. I'm all too aware that places are experienced differently between visiting and living.

It's nice. I hadn't seen the sun in months. The winter in Ottawa still shows no sign of abatement.

Well, I kind of liked being in SF. Then twenty minutes ago, while giving a farewell hug to a friend, I got kicked in my thigh by a hobo. A good, swift kick. It hurt. He said I was saying unkind things about him. I wasn't.

How are you supposed to respond to being kicked?

Anyway. I have lots of friends in San Francisco, and it's really fantastic to catch up with them. Ottawa is lovely but lacking in lots of quality of company. However, being back I'm reminded of the anti-power of ruts. I've lived in four countries since I was last here, dated seven women, retired, written a book, and in short gotten into a lot of trouble since then.

But most of my friends are still in the same jobs, dating the same people, doing the same hobbies. The big news in the social circle is that some friends have a new dog. Seriously, four people have told me about it so far.

That sort of thing makes me uncomfortable. I'm happy if it's working for them, but it's not what I want out of my life. I fell into the rut thing when I lived here, and I'm now wondering if that was a function of me or of the city.

Did I mention that I have an interview on Thursday, for a job I really want? I'm not crazy enthralled about the idea of leaving my retirement, but the job seems too good to pass up. It's located in the Bay, and so these questions are a little more pertinent than they sound.

We'll know more in a few days. Maybe I won't get an offer, which will make everything very simple. But maybe I will...