Summary of Skills

Programming Experience

  • Haskell(expert)
  • Agda, Scala(fluent)
  • C++, C#, JavaScript, Lua, PHP, Python(working proficiency)

Work Experience

Manifold Valley » ConsultantApril 2023 → ongoing

  • Led the implementation of industry best practices for development processes.
  • Eliminated several classes of runtime errors by enforcing type-safety in core abstractions.

Wire » ConsultantOctober 2021 → April 2023

  • Architected a Haskell compiler plugin to track and reify federated service calls at the type-level.
  • Designed a property-based testing framework for verifying the correctness of algebraic effects.

Cofree Press » Author of Software TextbooksMarch 2018 → November 2023
  • Wrote three books on advanced programming techniques and high-quality software engineering.
  • Algebra-Driven Design is now the basis of a course taught at OST Zurich.

Formation/Takt » Senior Software EngineerSeptember 2016 → January 2018

  • Increased new feature cadence by 30x after becoming lead of a four-person engineering team.
  • Directed a team of three to implement a high-throughput, low-latency brokered streaming library.

Google » Software Engineer IIISeptember 2015 → September 2016

  • Led the architectural design of a user-defined permission model for the cloud.
  • Improved compile times by 96% and test coverage by 65% for a service-critical internal compiler.

Meta/Facebook » Software Engineer InternJanuary → April 2014

  • Increased revenue by 0.5% after analyzing the advertising platform's spending behaviors.
  • Improved site-wide response time by 0.4% by parallelizing the backend graph ranker.

Notable Open Source

Cornelis2022 → ongoing
  • Tightly integrated Neovim with the Agda compiler, allowing for interactive proof assistance.

ImplicitCAD2020 → 2021
  • Improved performance of single-core mesh rendering by ~2x.
  • Reduced code duplication by 50% by reorganizing types to be shared between 2D and 3D.

Wingman for Haskell2020 → 2023
  • Developed an interactive tactic engine for Haskell, capable of robust, type-aware code synthesis.

Formal Education

Master of Computer Science2023 → 2024   (voluntarily withdrawn)

Software Practices Lab, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Bachelor of Software Engineering2010 → 2015

University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON